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Resources – Top Ten

There are a number of resources available related to various aspects of well-being.  This list will grow and change from time to time as we discover these resources, and post them for you.

1. eBook:  Resilience: The Art & Science of Bouncing Back  By Frances Bozarth

A book written especially for educators with 8 steps for building your resilience.   Stay strong, resilient, and be the best teacher you can be!

2. Website:  The Artist’s Way at Work – Riding the Dragon

“The Artist’s Way at Work: Riding the Dragon is a process that is built to help you produce a body of work over time, find the joy that may be gone from your life or your art, and to separate what is important in your life from what is either behavior that is outdated or incongruent with your own highest interest–and oh yes, it is supposed to be fun. At least part of the time.”

3. Book:  The Artist’s Way at Work – Twelve Weeks to Creative Freedom This book is a guide to getting more satisfaction out of your work life.  It does a pretty good job of helping you to examine your own self-talk and perspectives, and helps you to find ways to overcome obstacles to happiness at work.

4. Book:  The Courage to Teach by Parker J Palmer   This book by Parker Palmer helps us explore our inner teacher, to help us remember why we teach.  The goal is developing that love of teaching again, to rejuvenate us and help us to keep going.

5. Website:  The Center for Courage and Renewal )

“The Center works to foster personal and professional renewal through retreats and programs that offer the time and space to reflect on life and work. These retreats, called Courage to Teach® , Courage to Lead®, or Circles of Trust ®, are led by skilled facilitators and make use of poetry and stories, solitude, reflection, and deep listening.”

6. Website:  Workplace Bullying Institute Their resources are extensive, and well worth checking out.

“WBI is the only United States organization dedicated to the eradication of workplace bullying that combines help for individuals, research, public education, consulting for employers, and legislative advocacy.”

7. Website:  The Meditation Workshop This website is a find for anyone wanting to learn about meditation, and for offering free guidance when learning to meditate.  The information is excellent, and very user-friendly.  Pay special attention to the page on exercises.  Yes, they give you free exercises to develop your own meditation practice. If you really get into it, they also offer references to meditation teachers.

8. Website:  Career Know-How This website looks like it’s mainly intended for business career folks, but it has some really great tips for working through situations with difficult bosses or co-workers.  That’s useful for all of us!  Who hasn’t had a difficult boss?

9 Ebook & Website   Matthew Cornell’s ebook “You did What? 99 Experiments to Live a Happier and Healthier Life”  is a fun approach to increasing your resilience in the face of life’s inevitable changes.  You can find it on his website at Matthew Cornell (you can click this link to get there or click the link to his website on the right hand side of this blog)

10. Book:  The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life by Renee Trudeau   Whether you are a mother or not, this book has some excellent tips for busy people who work with children…….

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