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Personal Well-Being

One of the things educators are really really lousy at is taking the time to care for the self.  We are marvelous at caring for others, so much so that we will let that get in the way of keeping ourselves strong and healthy.

It isn’t easy, but sometimes you might have to compartmentalize your life.  Cut off work at a certain point, and for your own sake, do something that feeds your body, spirit or mind.  Try to strike a balance.

Watch for blog entries categorized as ‘Personal Well-being.’  We’ll be writing about different ways you can keep yourself resilient.  Remember, you will find yourself unable to do your job if you don’t.

We invite you to choose any of the links below for more information about Personal Well-being.

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5 Time Tested Techniques for Calming Your Mind – link

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Coping During Crisis

Research on Happiness & Creativity

The Effect of Television Watching on Positivity

Radiolab Broadcast on Stress

Physical and Emotional Reactions to Foods

Goal Setting Exercise #1

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