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Resilience: Filling Yourself Back Up

October 4, 2010

Throughout the day, week, month – you are there for others.  For your family, friends, co-workers, students.  You are not a bottomless well of energy.  It’s important to fill yourself back up.  

Last week I found myself feeling a very strong need to fill back up.  I hadn’t had time to get out with friends, go listen to some of the really amazing live music, see art work, interact with ideas other than the grad school courses I am taking.   I felt like I was spiritually starving.

It was easy to fix that once I simply decided to be attentive to it.  I started by calling a friend who I hadn’t seen in awhile, who also enjoys the local arts scene.   We went to a movie.  It ended up being a surprisingly good movie – one of those rare films that seems to be worth all the $$$ you shell out at the theater on a Friday night.  That was an excellent start.

I threw something different into the mix this time.  On Saturday, another friend joined me to attend a women’s health fair.  It wasn’t the most outstanding health fair I’ve ever gone to, but it was a good outing.  (While I get that we women like chocolate, I felt like there was way too much candy on the vendor tables!  How does that promote good health?)   The guest speaker spoke about “waking up your precious life.”  She gave us some valuable reminders about embracing unpleasant things about life rather than trying to ignore them or cover them up.  You know – the painful things like sadness, grief, or anger.  Or the inevitable things like menopause.  It was an excellent reminder about being genuine with one’s self.

Last of all, I made time to get some exercise outdoors.  It won’t be too long before the rainy season hits here, and we’ll all be stuck inside pining for the sun again.

It was a good start.  Now I have to practice what I preach – and make regularly scheduled time to do these kinds of things.  I’m no good to anyone when I my reservoirs get depleted.  Neither are you.

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