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Avoid Burnout: Practice Kindness

September 20, 2010

Earlier today I was perusing blogs related to “burnout.”  I wanted to see what other bloggers were saying, suggesting, and maybe make some connections.

I stumbled upon this one blog – the author IS burned out in her job.  She has applied for a different job, and has totally checked out of the current one, showing up in body only.  From her own description she has one crappy attitude.  Then she has the audacity to complain that nobody pays attention to her.

Frankly, I can’t blame them.  I wanted to put my eye out with a sharp stick rather than read any more of her whining.  Being the problem solver that I am though, it got me thinking.

I have been in situations where I hated my job.  We all have.  One of the things you can do to make a horrid work situation more tolerable for yourself, others, and the situation is to stop looking inward, and start looking outward.


  • The people with whom you work
  • The boss
  • The tone of the work environment and how it changes throughout the day

Reach Out

  • Initiate conversations
  • Listen to others, and let them know you heard in some way (paraphrasing can be a bit overkill, so get creative about this.  Asking more questions about what was said shows your interest.)
  • Remember some detail about what you were told, use it in conversation with that person to let them know you remember

Practice Kindness

  • Show interest in other people
  • Do something nice for the group or more quietly for an individual
  • Do something nice anonymously for someone who needs a little boost

When you practice kindness,

  1. you take your attention off of your own ‘misery.’  (As one of my friends frequently says “Get over yourself!“)
  2. you can watch the atmosphere of your work environment change for the better.
  3. perhaps the job will not improve, but there will be at least something enjoyable to look forward to, making it a little easier to endure.
  4. you will develop a strong, positive reputation amongst your peers and your employer – making you a desirable employee.

My daughter shared this with me, and I think it is an appropriate sentiment.

Give it a try.  See how acting with kindness changes your world.

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