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Resilience: Writing for Personal AND Professional Growth

September 9, 2010

Writing is a vital part of keeping yourself resilient. It can help you coalesce your thoughts, can give you an avenue for expressing yourself, and can also provide a way of developing professionally.

Journal Keeping:

  • Keep journals of your personal experiences, to help you process the events that occur in your life.  Sometimes it’s good to just ‘get it out of your system’, and sometimes it’s good to look back objectively at the emotions you are experiencing.
  • Journal about your professional exploits.  Have you tried out a new way of teaching math?  Keep a record of your processes, results, and reflections in a professional journal

Sharing your ideas:

  • Writing up your teaching ideas for websites is a marvelous way to make connections with other teachers, and to share your triumphs.
  • Professional journals publish teachers’ projects and teaching research.  Being able to write it up according to their standards, while making it interesting and readable for your audience is a big plus.

Professional Development:

  • Get your professional development college credit by writing.  Organizations such as The Attic offer writing courses for college credit. these are courses that focus upon your writing, not your students.  The fact is, if you work on your own writing, you will be that much better a writing teacher for your own students.
  • Many schools of education teach a variety of courses related to everything from teaching writing to professional writing for teachers.

So  think about writing as a way to keep yourself resilient.

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