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Avoid Stress – How Noise Affects Your Brain

September 7, 2010

Noise can be a real stressor on your brain.

Loud noises cause us to react before we even have time to think – it’s a response that can keep us safe and alive in times of danger.

However, it’s not just loud noise that can affect us.  Lower level noise also has an impact on our stress levels, and our health.   Here is a tidbit I found from the Franklin Institute Online:

Noise at home or school can affect children’s ability to learn. Compared to kids from quieter neighborhoods, children living near airports or busy highways tend to have lower reading scores and develop language skills more slowly. Psychiatric hospitalizations are higher in noisy communities. Bad moods, lack of concentration, fatigue, and poor work performance can result from continual exposure to unpleasant noise.According to Dr. Alice H. Suter, an audiologist at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health: “Included in noise-related problems are high blood pressure, peptic ulcers, cardiovascular deaths, strokes, suicides, degradation of the immune system, and impairment of learning. Noise is also associated with an increase in aggression and a decrease in cooperation.

This affects you as well. It’s something to consider when tailoring the learning environment in your classroom.  Little things that you do will set the tone.  If the noise level in the room is loud, slowly lower your voice as you speak to the class until you are speaking more softly.  They will quiet down to hear you.

Additionally, this is all the more reason to find ways to bring quiet into your day.  The students in your classroom are not the only ones affected by noise – you are as well.  So, remember to find ways to let your mind experience quiet each day.  It will bring down your stress levels, and help you to function at your optimum, which is best for everyone in your life, including you.

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  1. September 10, 2010 2:29 pm


    Thanks for dropping by our blog. I love your blog theme. I’ve been thinking a lot about some of the topics you’ve got here.

    Noise is a crucial component of our lives to be aware of. If one adds living in a big city and technology (TV, ipods, radio, etc.) in the mix, he or she has a serious noise problem. I got smart about noise reduction when I went to visit my mom one day and noticed for the first time how quiet it was there. That’s when I decided to limit my music and lecture intake in order to simply let my mind rest and rejuvenate. Thanks for bringing our attention to this important issue.


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