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Exercise – Yes You

September 1, 2010

In my Inbox yesterday was another study on weight loss and women.  I can’t help but think this must apply to men as well.

According to Harvard Medical School, middle-aged women need to exercise moderately (a good paced walk) an hour per day just to prevent weight gain.  If you exercise vigorously (like  jogging,)  you can get by with 1/2 hour per day.  That’s just to break even, not to lose weight.

Weight isn’t the only reason for exercising, as we all know.  Exercise improves your mood, your overall health, and just plain prevents all kinds of future health problems.

The thing about these studies, is the results are general.  You have to know these researchers are talking about us – talking about you.    These aren’t just some people somewhere – they are talking about all people everywhere, of which you are one.

So, educators, while you are assembling your schedule for the coming year, getting your routines in place, remember to put an exercise routine in place for yourself.  Consider it an investment in your SELF.

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