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Avoid Burnout – Zen Techniques

August 24, 2010

How about using a different mindset to keep yourself resilient?

Sometimes, I like to search online for techniques for building resilience, and mostly I run across the same old stuff.  Today, though, I combed through several pages of search results looking for something different.

I found this terrific website called zenhabits . There I found a refreshingly different approach to keeping yourself strong and avoiding burnout.  It was very common sense too.

Guest author Jeffrey Tang, in this article titled How to Defeat Burnout and Stay Motivated, begins with “Do what you love,” and builds from there with specific tips.  Here is an example.

1. Achieve in increments. When you only focus on a big goal someday, it’s easy to get burned out by the daily grind. It’s like driving toward a mountain in the distance. You can drive for hours, but the mountain doesn’t seem to get any closer. And spinning your wheels gets real tiring real fast.

The solution is to give yourself a way to measure and record every little step forward you take. Here’s how:

  • Get a journal, notebook, or calendar. Writing things down is important.
  • Identify milestones on the road towards your goal.If you’re writing a book, you could treat each chapter as one milestone. Or, even better, treat each 500 words or 1000 words as a milestone.
  • If milestones aren’t obvious, create them. For example, if you’re training for a marathon, hold yourself to a progression of distance. If you start out running at your maximum distance, you’ll plateau very quickly. Instead, start at a shorter distance – even if it’s very easy for you – then work your way up slowly.
  • Track milestones in a simple, visual format. Think of the progress bar on a download. One glance tells you exactly how much progress has been made. The format you choose doesn’t need to be detailed or comprehensive. It just needs to show that you’re moving forward day by day.

Learn to appreciate the little accomplishments. Let yourself enjoy the feeling of getting things done.

There is a list of twelve, common sense steps you can take to keep your balance and avoid burnout not only at work, but in other aspects of your life.    It is well worth taking a few minutes to read.

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