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Avoiding Burnout – Too Many Assignments

August 23, 2010

One of the things I noticed in my research was that all but one of the participants in my study of teachers who had left the profession had all had a LOT of assignment changes.

So, in going into this new school year, I would caution those of you in the classroom to think carefully about accepting changes to your assignment, or in taking on a great many outisde responsibilities.  Especially if you are new at this.

OF COURSE you have to take on some outside responsibilities.  OF COURSE assignment changes are made and you have no control over it if you want to keep your job.  However, when you have a choice – regulate yourself.  Think carefully about the changes you might make and how they will affect you over the long haul.

Think about this – when you make a change, how many changes are you truly making?   If you are simply changing assignments within the school you are already working in, then truly you are just changing your assignment, and perhaps the people with whom you collaborate.

If you are changing assignments, schools, school districts – then you are actually making not only an assignment change, but you are changing with whom you work, having to learn new social dynamics to fit this school, learning new curriculum, new parents/community …… aren’t just making a simple change.

Recently I read an article that suggested making assignment changes in order to avoid burnout.    If you are really really bored, this might be a good solution, but from the research numbers I encountered, I think you may want to find other ways to spice up your work life

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