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Time for a Career Change?

July 26, 2010

Career change will likely affect many educators. The reality is that few people make teaching a lifelong career.  We already know that fully half of all the new folks entering the profession don’t make it five years.

When I did my research on why teachers leave the profession, one of my subjects gave some advice at the end of his interview.  His comment was, “It’s really a good idea to have a Plan B.  Give yourself some options.”

He’s right.   When you feel penned in, it can make the job all that much more difficult to bear when times get tough.  Having an option can help you stay resilient in your work situation.

If you have summers off, think about trying out a job that is completely different from your teaching work.  Try something that you’ve always wanted to do.  It could do one of two things for you – you will either come to appreciate your teaching job more, or you will discover a new dimension to yourself, and feel more confident.  It will give you an alternative when the going gets tough.  Especially if they get tough for a long time, and you begin to wear out.

If you are a person who likes some structure to your life changes, the website Quintessential Careers has a page on “Career Changers” and lists some potential steps to take when considering a career change.  This is all part of keeping yourself well so you can be the best teacher you can be.

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