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Avoid Burnout Tip – Resilience, Creativity & Happiness

July 8, 2010

Resilience – that ability to deal with adversity or emergency, and then return to a state of balance fairly quickly – is made stronger when you have opportunities to be creative.

In a study titled “Happiness, Creative Ideation, and Locus of Control” researchers Tammy C Pannels and Amy F. Claxton of Arkansas State University, a link was identified between creativity and happiness.

This study’s authors further suggests that

“… happy individuals are more relaxed and more open to new experiences; therefore, they can make more diverse associations, generate more ideas as the thoughts flow freely without the restraint or compulsion to restrain ideas.”

While they seem to indicate that happiness makes creativity happen more easily, I have to wonder if the act of being creative generates happiness.  They did mention that creative people do tend to be more satisfied when they have a problem to solve of some nature.

Just some food for thought.

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