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Avoid Burnout Tip – Checking Your Balance

June 14, 2010

Sounds like I’m talking about your finances, doesn’t it?

When I refer to your balance, I’m talking about your inner balance.  Stop for a moment and take stock – how are things going? how are you feeling about work?  your life?  If your blood pressure begins to rise at the very thought of anything in particular, it may be time to step back and survey your world.

What is the ‘State of Your Self’?  Imagine you are the head of your life’s organization.  How would you report to the stakeholders the state of your self?

In a great little book I found at the library, Balancing Work & Life put out by DK Books, Holden & Renshaw recommend asking yourself these questions:

Have my values and priorities remained the same, or are they changing?

Am I having enough time for myself?

Who could I be spending more time with?

Am I taking my family’s views into account?

This week I’m going to post some exercises geared toward helping you focus in on the State of the Self.  Stay tuned…….

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