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Seeking Guest Bloggers – Supporting each other in tough times

June 11, 2010

Summer is here.   It’s been a challenging year – aren’t they all?  I know here in my hometown, our district is dealing with the news that there is a serious shortfall in the budget, and they are having to make cuts all over the place.  Yesterday, my son brought home news that at his alternative school – which has a pretty small staff to begin with – is losing some of the teachers who make the school what it is.  One is being reduced to half-time, and one is being let go.  This is very sad news in such a small school community.  I know my son had bonded with this teacher, and he was very sad to think this teacher will not be with them on the rest of the journey. 

I know this is not unique to this town, or this school.  I can see this is a time where more than ever, we need to support one another.  Would some of you be willing to post your stories?  Tell us how this is playing out in your community or school?  How are you showing your support for one another? 

Since these are not expected to be just a sentence or two, if you have a story you’d like to share, contact me, and we can let you guest blog.  I know the year is wrapping up, and you are all busy getting things wrapped up – so I will not put a ‘deadline’ on this request.   Email me at and share your observations, your stories with us so we can all take heart in the midst of this economic and social craziness.

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