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Surviving Teaching: A teacher who left and returned again

May 11, 2010

Imagine leaving teaching, doing  something entirely different for awhile, and then returning to teaching, only to discover you still have a passion for it.  That’s part of Matt Love’s ongoing story.

“In 2004, I got a job teaching writing at Taft High School (in Lincoln City) and I finally figured it out. Now everything was seamless to me. The environmentalism, the teaching, the writing, it’s all just one thing,” he said. “I was a much better teacher, more at ease, and I found the kids at Taft wrote such amazing things. They were the finest students I’ve ever taught, and they were so hungry for what I had to offer. We did great work together.”  – Matt Love as quoted by Oregon Coast Today author Niki Price

I think you might find him inspiring to some degree, and definitely honest.  His blog, which is excellent reading, can be found on the Oregon Coast Today website.

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